You only have the chance to make a first impression once – insure your event is top notch, allowing you to be the star you are with friends, clients, and perspective new business contacts—without the frustrations.

“Full service” Includes Concept to Clean-up:
  • Event theme and concepting
  • Invitation design, mailing
  • Registration and confirmation
  • Space location and rental services
  • Event production including: florist, catering services, entertainment
  • VIP gifts and awards
  • Networking lead generation

Networking Associate:
  • Need a professional associate for that business dinner or special event? Network with twice the effectiveness in half the time and with half the effort, allowing you to relax and enjoy the event.
  • Networking associate (or associates) accompany you to events to network and socialize on your behalf. Enhance the perception of being well supported and confident. We will provide a positive face for your business.

Special Requests: Our job is to help you excel in business and in life. Often you will have special needs to accomplish your goals – as long as they are legal, ethical, and well intentioned, We will support you in any way possible.
  • Human Resources
  • Public Relations
  • Event Planning
  • Projects and Delicate Situations

Maria, Associate