Elevate Your Company Client’s Division to World Class

Providing regular personal contact and leveraging your company’s assets

Signing New Clients:

  • Enhance the value of your company
  • Elevate your company from a “just another service” to a world class experience

Earn Loyalty and Drive Retention:
  • Regular positive contact in your clients’ lives
  • Associate your company with positive life experiences

How We Serve Your Clients:
  • Send cards/gifts to family members on birthdays, anniversaries and by providing quick recognition for achievements
  • Regular communications (newsletter, seminar, e-mail, text)
  • Personalized Concierge Service

  • Climate Survey - helps you to understand your client’s satisfaction levels, your company’s improvement opportunities and know the key topics in your industry.
  • Follow-up Contract Survey- let’s you know how your client felt your company performed and reminds your client of everything your company did during the negotiations.
  • Exit Interview - provides you a valuable opportunity to know why this client left—and if it was a result of your company or its personnel. An Exit Interview also provides constructive feedback, and how your company can improve.

In today’s competitive business environment, keeping your clients satisfied is imperative. We work with your company to establish, re-establish and retain solid working relationships.

Signing new clients can cost five times more than retaining current clients. We help you to foster successful, long-term relationships that win in a competitive marketplace. And when you maximize the life of your accounts by signing a client obtained from a current client, you can enjoy greater profitability from a lower cost of acquisition.

"I enjoyed working wth Jana and find her smart, talented and a joy to work with."
—Danny Strickland, Retired President of Coke, North America, R & D

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