“Human Resources has been credited with being the largest money saving department for all size businesses.”

  • Limits your time dealing with HR paperwork and issues
  • Ensures your legal filings are done and on time
  • Limits your liability for future law suits
  • Retail is often targeted for employment scams
  • Protects your name and company name from bad press
  • Ease of mind … Sleep sound.

Human Resources Employment Documentation Set-up:
  • Employee handbook creation with business rules, regulations, legal, waivers, and NDAs (non-disclosure agreements)
  • Employment application creation with supporting business and legal clauses

New Employee Acquisition:
  • Initial business consultation to determine skill sets and qualities wanted for top candidates
  • Ad creation and placement
  • Initial resume reviews and employee phone screenings
  • Interview scheduling and consultation with business on candidate pros and cons
  • Assist in final hiring decisions, if desired
  • Salary negotiations and competitive wage reviews and recommendations

Employee Retention upon Hiring:
  • Letter of acceptance, follow-up, and pre-employment documentation and paperwork
  • Job assessment interviews with current employees, performance review creation and planning
  • Wage increases and performance incentives consulting for top performers

Employment Agreements, Handbook, Assessment and Performance Evaluation:
  • Job assessment interviews with current employees
  • Employment agreement, handbook, legal documentation
  • Employee career development and training
  • Exit Interviews to survey ways the business can improve on employee retention to reduce hiring and training costs

"With Jana's help and experience, I was able to win a legal employee dispute. I would recommend Jana to anyone, she is professional, ethical and someone you want on your side."
—Duane Wienke, Owner, The Liquor Barrel

•Manage employees effectively
•Follow state and federal guidelines
•File legal documents appropriately
•Hire correctly, fire responsibly
•Reduce your chances of being sued
•and most importantly… sleep soundly!